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How to Mount a Glass Floating Shelf

Our shelves look great in your home and are easy to install. This is not your conventional shelf as there is no hardware for installation. Installation involves cutting out grooves into the wall to give the shelf support. We guarantee you will love the finished look as there is nothing like it.

If you aren’t familiar with our shelves, this is how the shelves look before the installation. The tabs on the side of the shelves are inserted into the walls, and therefore are not visible when the shelves are installed (One glass piece including the tabs).

Instructions for Installing a Floating Glass Corner Shelf:

Installing can be completed in four simple steps and requires minimal tools to complete the job.You will need the supplied template, a multi-tool or wall saw, and adhesive calking. Our patented tongue and groove system allows for shelves to be installed before or after tile installation. Click here to view full instructions how to install your shelves in any desired location.

View Full Instruction Video:

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