We greatly appreciate our customers' feedback! Hear what our customers have to say about our shelves and our customer service:

12/15/2015 H. Stephenson from UK (Rating - 5) These shelves are a great find on line. I purchased two rectangle shelves to be shipped to Newcastle United Kiingdom. The cost of the shelves, shipping and UK VAT is very competitive. Great service, the shelves are very easy to fit and look fantastic. Thanks.

5/14/14 from Asheville NC (Rating - 5) Perfect look and size for our remodeled shower!

5/13/14 Peggy from Evergreen, CO (Rating - 5) T
hese attractive, sturdy shelves were easy to install with the provided instructions and template. They look exactly like advertised and we love the way they enhanced the selected space.ok
nd size for our remodeled shower!

4/23/14 Toni L from Nashville, TN (Rating - 5)
I absolutely love them, they were easy to install and the 'true' floating shelves look great in my newly renovated master bath. Thank you so much.

4/1/14 Michael M from Martinez, CA (Rating - 5) Great find on line!....Happy with final outcome!
Online search for "floating shelves" brought these up and I was pleased to find them. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of installation- I thought it would be harder to remove the drywall where the tabs fit into... but using the factory provided template and a sharp utility blade (along with a small flat-head screwdriver for final tab-hole cleanup)... it was pretty simple. I used white silicone (on white walls) for the final adhesive/finish. They look and work great!

3/24/14 Susan Roy from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (Rating - 5)
The shelves were great and turned out nice. Easy to install.

3/24/14 Randi Niederer from Rock Hill, MO (Rating - 5)
It was very easy to install the shelving using the template provided. I even used clear caulk and did not have any issues.

3/17/14 Ha Roda from Maitland, Fl (Rating - 5)
Thank you for a speedy delivery. Works great!

3/6/14 Jeff Brandt from Pocatello, ID (Rating - 4)
This is the third corner piece I've ordered and installed in bathroom remodels in my home. They are great. I'd give a five if the didn't have the "notches". When installing onto a newly tiled wall they make for extra work and cause you to break the waterproof seal behind the tile.

2/10/14 Scott Engler from Seattle, WA (Rating - 5)
Great stuff, fast delivery!

11/6/13 Carol Tomsky from Asheville, NC (Rating - 5)
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. They look beautiful and are just right!

10/30/13 Bbilly from Homewood, AL (Rating - 5) Wonderful floating shelves!
I bought and installed 4 30"x10" shelves and probably installed them in 2 hours. We are very proud of them. I've never seen anything like it.

10/29/13 Pat Kelley from Edmond, OK (Rating - 5)
So appreciative of the speedy processing and delivery of these shelves. They were easy to install and they look great!

10/27/13 Mr. Didge from NJ (Rating - 5) Nice clean look!
Bought them when I remodeled my shower, they gave it a nice clean modern look rather than using the old fashion ceramic soap or corner shelf. Easy to install with it's own template included.

9/0413 from South Fla (Rating - 5)
I installed these inside a bathtub enclosure (tiled walls). I would recommend to use the proper tools to make the slots on the wall. I used a drill making a line of holes and then widening the gap with a file. That was time consuming. I had my doubts about how these would hold but once the glue was dry they feel like a rock!
The selling point to me is no metallic parts since I put them on a bathroom. It smoothly integrates with the rest of the enclosure.

8/29/13 Geraldine Friend from Mukilteo, WA (Rating - 5)
The shelves are wonderful. I got three of them, one 10" and two 12". They work very well in the bathtub/shower. They are easy to get to and hold everything.

6/25/13 Beth C. from Chicago, IL (Rating - 5) Sleek design & great functionality....
We realized that we forgot to add shelves to our glass mosaic tile shower after it was tiled and found this solution. Our contractor was able to install them very easily and they blend nicely with the modern feel of our bathroom.

6/4/13 Babzee from Ohio (Rating - 5)
Quality great. Love the look. Very sturdy. A little tricky to install. Would not recommend doing by an amature mason.

2/26/13 Mememe (Rating - 5)
Nice quality product. Looks nice in our shower. Would recommend

2/19/13 Busybee from Tampa, Fl (Rating - 5) Modern & Clear Cut Look!
Thrilled with these glass corner shelves for the shower - makes the shower look larger and they hold more than the older porcelain style. Highly recommend!

12/18/12 Pappy from Blueridge, GA (Rating - 5) Excellent product with great price, easy to install.
My homeowner was very happy. Easiest to install glass shelf I could find. Price was great value.

10/16/12 Daveron2 from Santa Barbara, CA (Rating - 5) This shelf looks great.
This little corner glass shelf looks good and is so easy to install that my wife actually did it. Don't get me wrong, my wife is very competent in doing projects, and she did a great job of installing. We'd order another one once we have a corner that needs a shelf.

8/28/12 (Rating - 4) Good glass, sturdy, template could be better.
Shelves themselves were fine, but the cardboard template could be better. Holes required fair amount of rework after initial cut out to accept the shelf ears.

8/28/12 Handyman from Seattle, WA (Rating - 5) Excellent addition.
I was a little apprehensive when I read a review stating gouging the wall. I was a little nervous about the installation. I found an online video, and felt a little better doing the install. It took me 20 minutes to install the first shelf which went in flawlessly, and was rock solid. The next 2 floating glass shelves took 10 minutes each. All are rock solid and will definitely hold 40 pounds with ease. Thick glass shelves, easy installation, excellent appearance, and solid mounting make this a great value and addition. It's less expensive than similar glass shelves using mounting brackets, and is a much cleaner look.
Definitely a highly recommended addition.

6/12/12 from Lynnfield, MA (Rating - 5) Beautiful & easy to install. Considering that we are not too handy around here, we were able to install these shelves with no problem. Easy install, just like they advertised. They look great. Very happy with this purchase.

5/21/12 Sally (Rating - 5) Great quality and easy installation.
Perfect solution for our corner phone nook in kitchen.
4/11/12 (Rating - 5) I got this for my shower stall because I originally thought I would have a cubby built, it turned out that there was really no room for it. I could not stand the thought of putting a shelf in there that did not match my brand new tile. After a little searching I found this. My contractor installed it in a very short time, he said it was easy and he really liked the shelf. This was the first time he has done a glass shelf in the shower. It looks really nice! It holds up to 100 lbs and has plenty of room for lots of stuff.

2/24/12 Mike from Spokane, WA (Rating - 5) Bit pricy, but good product.
Great product, and easy to install. Looks great, and added a classy look to the area where mounted.

12/13/11 Jeanette (Rating - 5)
I am remodeling a bath taking out old clunky tub and shower enclosure. Replacing with a large corner shower with floor sloped to the drain. I am using the most amazing rock for floor and walls of shower and all I could find were clunky heavy looking corner shelves for soap and shampoo until I found these! I had "my guy" install them and heard no complaining so I think the install was easy. the Look is great they are solid they do not intrude but blend with the look. they shipped quickly and were bigger then I thought so most excellent. shopping on line!

11/22/11 (Rating - 5) Very classy look.....
The installation was not as easy as the product video, as 3 out of 5 notches hit wood studs in my case. Drill & chisle worked, tho.

11/8/11 Rick (Rating - 5) Works great!
The installation instructions are very clear and helpful. I was able to install the shelves without any problem. They look great and we've got stereo speakers sitting on them.

10/6/11 Maggi (Rating - 5) The product looks great!
We love the look of the floating glass shelves! Installation
takes a while because of the need to cut out grooves in the wall, but it's worth the effort! The thickness of the glass is
impressive . . . best corner shelves we could have installed!