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1) Why choose “Floating Glass Shelves” as a BEST alternative?
“Free Floating” look (No other glass shelves in the market offer this “free floating” look).
• Completely “frameless” - no hardware, no brackets – Just Glass (Made possible with an
incomparable tongue & groove installation method) Skipping the hardware, means there are
no metal pieces that need to be coordinated with faucets and other elements of the décor.
• The “clear glass” can complement many styles of home décor.
• When used in a shower enclosure, these shelves do extremely well as they do not have any
metal that can rust.
• These shelves can be installed on tiles – They could be installed “before” tile installation as
well as “after” tiles have already been installed.
2) Are these glass shelves for “corner” use only?
Yes, these shelves “do” require a corner for installation. However, “Away-from –the-Corner”
application is possible by adapting these glass corner shelves into what we call “Wall
Arrangements” or “Wall Units”. To view our "Wall Arrangements" please follow this link:
3) How are these glass shelves installed? How are they held up?
“No hardware” is needed for installation making these shelves completely “frameless”. This is
possible by “slicing out small grooves into the wall” (a template is provided). In addition, the
backside edge of these shelves comes with “protruding tabs”. These tabs add solid support
once inserted into the grooves. Please follow this link for installation instructions: Lastly, adhesive caulking is used to fasten these shelves
securely in place. Please follow this link for caulking recommendations:
time, but it’s worth the effort. The end result is a clean look where all you see is just glass.
4) I understand in order to fasten the glass shelf I must use adhesive caulking - Can I use
silicone caulking to fasten the shelf?
For cosmetic reason we “do not” recommend silicon caulking as it cannot be painted.
5) Can I use “clear” caulking to fasten the shelf?
No, we "do not" recommend “clear” caulking. With “clear” caulking all gaps would be visible
and it does not look right. We highly recommend a “solid” color of caulking. Please follow this
6) How far in do the “protruding tabs” go into the wall?
These tabs are ¾” deep by 1 ½” wide
7) In some cases, when “slicing out the small grooves into the wall” one might hit a
“stud”. Is it necessary to cut the stud if the “sliced groove” line up with the stud?
No, it is “not” necessary. You only need ½” penetration into the wall. It is O.K. to have a gap
between the wall and shelf. The caulking will cover the gap.
8) Once these glass shelves are installed, will light pass through the “sliced grooves”
being able to see "inside" the wall to the thinset or grout?
No light will go through the “sliced grooves”. For our ¼” thick shelves – This thickness does
not allow to see through the “inside” of the wall to the thinset or grout. In addition, the adhesive
caulking plays a major part on blocking any gaps. We highly recommend a “solid color” for
your caulking. Please follow this link for caulking recommendations:
In the case of our thicker shelves (3/8” thick) we do paint the “protruding tabs” in a grey color
in order to eliminate any light going through.
9) Could these glass shelves be installed on tiles? Could they be installed in a shower
Yes, these glass shelves can be installed on tiles and in a shower enclosure. These glass corners
shelves can be installed “before” tile installation as well as “after” tiles have been already
installed. In the latter case (“after” tiles have been already installed), a tool called “roto zip” will
be required. This tool slices out the grooves “precisely” (a template is provided). These shelves
do extremely well in a shower area as it has “no metal that can rust”.
10) Do the shelves have to be installed into the grout between tiles?
It is not necessary, but it is easier and it looks better if the shelves are aligned with the grout
11) In the case for “Wall Units” installation, are “studs” required in order to have a
stronger support?
It is “not” required to have a “stud” support. However, some clients prefer to use a “stud”
for added support.
12) In the case for “Wall Units” – Can I create my own design?
Yes, surely. Our web page shows some of our own designs. In addition, we are showing
some of our clients’ designs. Simply send us your idea in a drawing/sketch to or send us a picture of your specific space and someone will get in touch
with you shortly. To view some of our "Wall Arrangements" / "Wall Units" please follow this
13) How much weight capacity these glass shelves can hold?
Depending on the size and shape, the weight capacity is between 25 to 100 lbs. These glass
shelves are made of tempered glass and they are extremely sturdy.
14) Do you make “custom size” glass shelves?
No, we “do not” custom-make the sizes of our glass shelves. We offer standard sizes shelves
only. Please follow this link for our different shapes and sizes:
However, we “DO” custom designs by adapting these glass corner shelves into what we call
“Wall Arrangements” or “Wall Units”. To view our Wall Arrangements please follow this link:
15) When do you ship? What are the shipping options?
We ship out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We ship Fedex Ground or UPS
16) Do you ship to Canada or any other countries outside the U.S.A.?
Yes, we "do" International shipments. However, the shipping cost might exceed the cost
of the shelves.
If you have any other questions, we are eager to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Call us @ 1-800-679-4902 or send us an e-mail to: