Unique. PAtented Installation System.

A one of a kind shelving solution. Our patented "Tongue and Groove" system create a free-floating look without the need for hardware or brackets. Our glass shelving is tempered for strength and safety, with some shelves having a load capacity of over 100lbs.

No Hardware, No Brackets

Utilize your unused corners by adding our floating glass shelving. No tracks or brackets means completely clean glass coming out of your wall

Quick Installation

Our patented Tongue-and-Groove system allows for a quick, and simple installation, most first time installers can do it in 30-45 mins


Our shelving is sought after by designers and architects alike because of its extremely versatile design. It goes with any style look, modern or classic.


Don't have a corner? We can help you design a complete custom and unique wall arrangements. We hand-build our wall supports (pictured above) from top quality materials and finishes


Our Top Shelving Solutions

Floating Corner Shelves

Corner Floating Shelves

Our flagship product. Transform your corners into creative displays with our clean, glass shelving free of brackets or hardware

Shelving for Showers and Bathrooms

Bathroom Shelving

Corner Shelves designed for use in bathroom and showers. A great solution to hold toiletries and towels

Shelf Arrangements

Shelving Arrangements

Don't have a corner? Use our hand-built, customized shelving supports to create dramatic wall units

Lighted Shelving

Lighted Glass Shelving

Shelving Edge-Lit using LED lights, designed to provide completely even lighting

Curved Corner Shelf with Brackets

Curved Corner Shelf with Brackets

Don't want to make grooves in your wall? Use this curved corner shelf with simple bracket installation

Shelving with Brackets

Shelving installed with Brackets

Use these glass shelves without a corner or wall support. They are mounted using these brackets and can hold up to 40lbs

Shelf Arrangements

Shelving installed with Cables

Install these glass shelves using the cable suspension kit. These shelves can hold up to 40lbs

Other Shelves

Shelving installed with Clips

These ultra durable clips allow these glass shelves to be mounted on a wall and hold up to 60lbs

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